Terms of Service

Restaurant/Wholesale Customers

Each order you place is a legally enforceable contract.

 The person delivering for Fair Share Farm, LLC will bring two copies of your invoice.  Upon delivery, the person receiving the order for your organization will inspect the produce and sign indicating the order is fulfilled and intact.  The signed copy will be returned to Fair Share Farm, LLC.

Signing for the order indicates the order was delivered as described on the invoice and in an acceptable condition.  Your or your representative's signature indicates your organization's obligation to submit payment.

If you are not present to pay for your order, you will be billed.


Retail/On Farm Pick up customers

You are required to pay for your order via credit card at the time you place your order.  If you arrive to pick up your produce and there is an issue, please email to report the issue.  Fair Share Farm will not refund any credit card transactions but will award credit to your account on a case by case basis. 

Farm Pick Up Hours:
Saturday - Thursday: 10AM - 6:30PM
Friday: 4:00PM - 6:30PM
Order Period:
Starts 12:00AM Sunday Night through Friday 9:00AM
i.e. you have from the beginning of the week, Sunday at 12AM, through Friday 9AM of the same week to place your order.
Pick Up Period:
Starts on same Friday at 4PM
Pick up runs through Thursday of the following week.
i.e. you have from Friday evening through Thursday evening during pick up hours to collect your produce.
Odering Policy:
All orders received will be processed and packed on Friday Morning.
All order cancelations must be received and acknowledged by Fair Share Farm LLC Management.
Request for cancellation must be filed 24 hours in advance of pick up.
Refunds for canceled orders will be returned in the form of farm store credit.
All orders must be placed online.
All orders are prepaid online.
All orders are final.
No refunds available for missed pick ups.
produce is not returnable and not exchangeable.
Forgotten produce from the previous week's cycle will be composted by the end of the day every Thursday.
Additional purchases while on farm are not available at this time.
Pick Up Policy:
Pick Up Hours are 10AM - 6:30PM, Saturday - Thursday. Friday Pick Up 4:00PM - 6:30PM.
All Pick Ups are self-service. Follow posted, written instructions when you arrive.
At This Time, Pick Up is at Fair Share Farm Only.
The Pick Up location will be inside the big white barn. Follow signs for pick up.
Your Pre-Ordered produce will be packed and labeled just for you.
All perishible items such as micro greens, lettuce, etc., will be stored inside a reach-in refrigerator.
Please sign and date afirming that you or your representative have picked up your produce.
Ensure that you close refrigerator door completely when you are done collecting your produce.
Customer parking is available along the road-side of the greenhouse.
Please DO NOT park in house driveway
Do Not block farm vehicle access to greenhouse, barn or farm gates.
Safety While Visiting Fair Share Farm
Please follow written and verbal direction while you visit Fair Share Farm so that we can keep all visitors and employees safe.
Fair Share Farm is a working farm which means that certain parts of the property may be hazardous.
Please Park and Walk only in areas where instructed.
At this time, self-guided tours are not permited.
Pet Policy:
Due to food safety concerns as well as the safety of other customers and our employees
there will be absolutely no pets allowed on premesis.